CNBC Indonesia is here to convey information, macroeconomics, capital markets, banking, other financial industries, commodities, manufacturing, international economics as well as politics, law and defense that affect the dynamics of the national economy in a comprehensive manner.

On the other hand, CNBC Indonesia realizes that the rapid development of information technology has created distinct groups of readers. Baby boomers and millennials have different ways and interests in absorbing information. For this reason, we do not only convey this information through the website channel, but also through social media with various platforms.

Therefore, CNBC Indonesia wants to convey economic events to readers with many perspectives. The presentation method is simple but powerful, so that readers can easily understand it, through text, graphics, moving images and videographics.

CNBC Indonesia is an online mass media affiliated with CNBC International. CNBC Indonesia is part of detiknetwork under the Transmedia Group.

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