Creating impact, today.

15 years into our journey, we’re still creating impact nationwide with a clear vision in mind.



Officially launched by Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in 2005, Rumah Anak Madani (RAM) was built and financed by CT foundation to provide education and housing to children affected by the Aceh tsunami.

CT Foundation also set up CT Foundation High School, which is a full scholarship high school with boarding facility intended for children who come from a disadvantaged family, but excel in their academics.

The first high school was opened in February 2010 in Medan. CT foundation aspires to build CT Foundation High School in every province of Indonesia to enhance education standards across the nation


Through Bank Mega, CT Foundation initiated Mega Berbagi deposit product intended for Bank Mega customers to donate a portion of their interest for charity. Thus far, the fund has been used to provide economic support in various forms, including food supplies to underprivileged people within the areas surrounding Bank Mega branches.


CT Foundation continued to provide financial support for 500 children of Tsunami victims in Medan. Through full financing of living and educational expenses amounting to Rp 250 Million per month. In 2005, CT Corp and Trans TV coordinated relief efforts to the Aceh and Nias tsunami-affected areas. Recently, CT Corp and Trans TV also coordinated a charity fund for victims of the Yogyakarta earthquake.

Chairul Tanjung personally led and managed distribution of these relief efforts in both Aceh and Yogyakarta.


CT Corp, through its subsidiaries, provides ongoing assistance for community development programs such as orphanages, homes for the elderly, mosques, and foundations helping disabled persons.

Bank Mega provided financial support for the construction of an orphanage for more than 1,000 children, victims of the Aceh tsunami. Currently Trans TV and Bank Mega are developing a children playground and a reading area for primary and junior school students within CT Corp complex.


CT Corp founder and Chairman, Chairul Tanjung, was one of the founders of the Indonesian Humanitarian Committee in 1998. Since 2002, the Committee has focused its efforts on preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS and drug abuse.

The Committee is also supported by various international organizations such as Family Health International, USAID, UNESCO, and Plan International.